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We are a friendly and fairly new community who are just awaiting new members to come and roleplay with us!
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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Tue Dec 27, 2016 12:10 am


-Be respectful. This is one of the most important rules. No site can run properly if it's members can't respect one another. If you're unable to be respectful, you will be forced to leave TCS.

- This site is rated PG-13. I understand we will have a few older site members, but keep in mind we also have younger members! Cussing is allowed, but keep it to a minimum! Sexual themes, detailed birthing, etc.. are completely forbidden!

-Please do not spam the site! Keep it nice and clean!

- Refrain from ghosting and godmodding! Ghosting is the controlling of another person's character and it -along with godmodding- will not be tolerated!

- We are a realistic roleplaying group... of as realistic as talking cats go. Just don't do anything uncharacteristic for the warriors book like... a green pelt or wings.

- Please try using correct grammar and punctuation when roleplaying. We understand mistakes will happen, but don't constantly make the mistake unless you can help it!

- Do not steal another person's creations. This includes artwork and writings, character ideas and biographies, etc...

- You are free to have as many characters as you can possibly manage! Remember that you have to be active as all of your characters! Also, We require you to respond to the monthly activity checks for you to be considered and "active member". If you do not respond to the activity check, your account will be deemed "inactive".


-TCS is a semi-literate roleplaying group. We require everyone's posts to be at least one decent sized paragraph. Anything less makes it hard for other roleplayers to reply to.

-Refrain from making Mary Sues! Roleplaying with a Mary Sue is almost impossible to do! No one is perfect and neither is your character. S/he is going to have some trouble and some flaws. Accept it.

-You MUST audition for any high ranks! Usually it's pretty simple, but it all comes down to you as a roleplayer and activity, etc...

- Please stick to the blank template provided to you when you are making a character! It's less of a headache for us. Some things can be changed, but don't go overboard!

- Until your application gets accepted, you are not to role-play!


-Remember all General rules apply here!

-Moderators are not to abuse their power! If they do, please pm a staff member so the problem can be resolved.

- Please do not advertise here! There is a place for it!

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Site Rules
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